Saturday, March 22, 2014

Young Adult - Defined

Dear Toffel,

    So many movies are coming out for "Young Adults", many of them starting as YA novels.  
I thoroughly enjoyed the whole "Hunger Games" series and the movies, so far.  I feel that "Divergent" flexed my imagination more than most books I've read.
    What  exactly is "Young Adult"?  I don't really get it.


- Older Adult

Dear Older,

    I have searched many sources and keep coming up with an age range.  Taking the two ends of the spectrum from them, a young adult is anyone between 12 and 24.

   That being said, I worked in and managed a children's bookstore for many years and the rule I learned there and from a couple of conventions I went to of the American Booksellers Association was that there must be a teenage protagonist.  This may not be the case any longer.  It is in the case of both "Divergent" & the "Hunger Games" series.

~ Toffel

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